2 On


featuring Schoolboy Q


January 21st, 2014

Did you have to Google what "turnt up" meant after you heard that Lil Jon song on the radio? Here, I'll save you the trouble of having to Google something else--2 On means the same thing (getting wasted and/or having a good time), Tinashe just wanted a different way of saying it, and she spends this song telling you how she'll be getting 2 on and what she'll be doing during and after the fact. Hint: she's with her girls, and maybe some dudes too, but only if they aren't lame.

Did you know?

  • The song entered the US Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 89 and has since peaked at number 24. It has peaked at number 53 on the UK Singles Chart and stayed at number 1 for four weeks on the Billboard Rhythmic Charts.
  • “2 On” is Tinashe’s first Top 40 hit single.
  • Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe (more popularly known as Tinashe, was born February 6, 1993 in Lexington, Kentucky.
  • Her name means "God is with us" in her father's native language, Shona, from Zimbabwe.
  • Apart from music, Tinashe is known for her acting. Tinashe made her acting debut in the television film Cora Unashamed (2000). Tinashe has also appeared for the film The Polar Express alongside actor Tom Hanks, and from 2008 to 2009 Tinashe had a recurring role in American sitcom Two and a Half Men as Jake's girlfriend Celeste.
  • She began studying ballet, tap, and jazz dancing at the age of 4, and continued to compete in various styles as a part of a dance company until she was 18.
  • She explained to "Bullet Media" saying "I actually did get bullied a lot in school. I went to public school until 9th grade and had a pretty bad experience. I missed out on prom and graduation and the whole college experience but I don’t feel bad about it because everything else I was doing was what I actually wanted."
  • Tinashe cites Christina Aguilera as her main inspiration and artists like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, and Sade as influences.