Fight Song

Rachel Platten

Fight Song

February 19th, 2015

Rachel has been going through a rough patch, but this is her comeback. This isn't just any fight song, it's HER fight song. Things haven't been great, but she's keeping her head up. This anthemic tune is carried by Rachel's honest voice as she sings "I've got a lot of fight left in me."

Did you know?

  • “Fight Song” hit a peak position of 6 on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • Platten says she wrote her hit tune because she felt like she didn't have a chance in the music industry.
  • In June of 2015, Platten was invited to perform “Fight Song” live with Taylor Swift during a concert in Philadelphia.
  • "Fight Song” is certified Platinum in the United States with 1,100,000 copies sold.
  • Platten once performed “Fight Song” for a terminal cancer patient named Christine Luckenbaugh, after she learned that Christine had sent it to her friends and family telling them that it made her feel empowered in spite of her diagnosis.