June 20th, 2013

Tony Oller and Malcolm Kelley both like a girl who's so much better than the plastic, fake modern-day world we all live in. She's classic, like a 1966 Ford Mustang or Zeppelin III on vinyl, and they just want to love her right, like those old singers would (shoutout to Prince, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and Frank Sinatra, to name a few).

Did you know?

  • In MKTO: The Making of Classic, the duo reveals that the video explores "bringing back the classic feel." Band member Tony Oller elaborates further, saying, "The whole concept is about going back in time and reliving those great classic memories."
  • "Classic" was a commercial success in Oceania, peaking at number 8 in New Zealand and number 9 in Australia. It was the duo's second top ten hit in both countries. In the United States, "Classic" debuted at number 96 on the US Billboard Top 100, becoming MTKO's first single to chart in North America. It has since peaked at number 14, becoming the group's first top twenty hit in the US.
  • MKTO is an American musical duo consisting of Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller.
  • Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller met in 2010 when filming Nickelodeon's television series Gigantic, in which their characters played best friends.
  • They formed MTKO in 2012 and came up with the name MTKO, which represents their combined initials--MK for Malcolm Kelley and TO for Tony Oller.
  • They elaborated on the inspiration for their group name, saying: "It also stands for what our album kind of is: Misfit Kids and Total Outcasts--just like the kids we were in high school."
  • Malcolm David Kelley (born May 12, 1992), sometimes credited as just Malcolm Kelly, is an American actor and a singer. He is best known for portraying the character Walt Lloyd in the ABC series Lost and as one half of the pop duo MTKO.
  • In the music video for "Thank You," Harold Perrineau, who played the father of Malcolm Kelley's character on Lost, appeared as a reference to the show.
  • Tony Oller (born February 25, 1991) is an American actor singer-songwriter. A native of Cypress, Texas, he may be best known for his roles as Walt Moore on Gigantic, and as Daniel "Danny" Neilson on As the Bell Rings.