Hit the Quan


July 14th, 2015

The root to @iHeartMemphis' success is how good he hits the Quan, and he wastes no time in informing you. It's at the root of everything he does: he hits the Quan on a girl and her boyfriend loses his mind; he hits the Quan and gets girls to join his squad; he hits the Quan and demands that you do it with him, getting down low and swinging your arms along to this slow grinding, simple beat. But if you do, please do it somewhere else and watch your step. I'm here feelin' myself.

Did you know?

  • “The Quan” refers to a dance associated with rapper Rich Homie Quan, which involves bending slightly at the knees and loosely swinging your arms in front of your torso and behind your back.
  • @iHeartMemphis came up with the idea for the song specifically because he noticed people in his community liked The Quan but didn't have a specific song to do it to. He has stated the idea was given to him by “a white female.”
  • @iHeartMemphis introduced the song to the world by posting a video of himself dancing to the main part, with the hashtag “#HitTheQuanChallenge.” The hashtag caught on as quickly as the song did, and resulted in throngs of people joining in.
  • Upon hearing the song, Rich Homie Quan's camp reached out @iHeartMemphis, who responded by saying he didn't want RHQ on the song because he was worried people would think RHQ was the one behind the track. He did say he would consider doing a remix of the song with RHQ in the future.
  • “Hit the Quan” was independently recorded and released, all using social media. According to @iHeartMemphis, the song only cost him $35 for studio time.