Fetty Wap

featuring Remy Boyz

Fetty Wap

June 29th, 2015

Fetty Wap and the rest of the Remy Boyz are looking for some Remy Girls that can keep up with their crew; girls that are gonna be worth their time, who'll see them for who they really are instead of a pile of dollar bills. Wap assures us all, in his caterwauling singing voice during the chorus, that he's so far on top, he's got this soda...uh, I mean, sewed up.

Did you know?

  • "679" was originally released on Fetty Wap's Soundcloud channel in 2014. Following the success of his first hit "Trap Queen," the song was re-released in the summer of 2015 and immediately began climbing the charts.
  • The title of the song is derived from Fetty Wap's date of birth: June 7th, 1990.
  • Fetty Wap made his network debut on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon in May 2015, performing "Trap Queen." He would later return in September of the same year to perform "679" with Monty and rap group The Roots as a backup band.
  • "679" was Fetty Wap's second single of his career, and was his third single to reach the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.
  • The group featured on the song, The Remy Boyz, consist of Fetty Wap's crew from his hometown of Patterson, New Jersey. Because when you make it big, you gotta remember where you came from and hold out a hand to those who helped you get to where you are now.