Ed Sheeran


August 24th, 2014

Poor Ed Sheeran did NOT want to get involved with her. From the start, he was saying he wasn't looking for another mistake. But still, they started kickin' it for a few nights and before you know it, they're hooked on each other. And then she cheats on him. With his friend. Who he's on tour with. Welp.

Did you know?

  • As of August 29, 2014 "Don’t" has peaked at number 11 on the UK Singles Chart and number 47 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.
  • The song almost didn't make it onto the album, as Sheeran felt it was "a bit personal", but was urged by those who had heard the demo to release it, as it was "an alright song... so it ended up on the record."
  • "Don't" was planned to be released as the first single from the album, but it was decided that the chorus, especially the line "Don't fuck with my love", was not suitable for a first single. However, prior to the release of x, all swearing was cut from the album.
  • Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran was born February 17, 1991and is an English singer-songwriter. Born in Hebden Bridge, raised in Framlingham, Suffolk.
  • "The A Team" was nominated for Song of the Year at the 2013 Grammy Awards and he performed the song in duet with Elton John during the ceremony.
  • He was nominated for Best New Artist at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.
  • Sheeran, the younger of two boys, has an older brother, Matthew, who is a classical composer and postgraduate music student.
  • He sang in a local church choir from the age of four, learned guitar at a very young age, and began writing songs during his time at Thomas Mills High School in Framlingham.